Who are we

Nordic Employment (Noem) is a sub operating services under a registered Finnish company (Ceci -Educare Oy) with its specialization in the following : 

Founded and established in 2023 our team are well versatile, professionals and well equiped together with several partners to make the journey of our clients smooth and successful into starting a new chapter of their lives. We take care of all the necessary process from start to finish. See more about the processes here Recruitment Process  

What do we do

We collect data of educated and experienced individuals in search of a career in the Nordics. 

We gather your data in a portfolio which is only visible to the administration of our company and member companies who have registered with us. 

The member companies who are our clients trust us to give them potential and qualified staff. They offer the appropriate and promising working environment for our clients. 

Find out more about some of current companies we work with Members Page For Companies 

Our Nordic Partners

We work with several partners to make the journey of our clients a success. Our partners includes 

The demand for remote work has increasingly become a norm and of high demand over the years and during these mega-shift trends. 

It is our mission to bridge the gap between shortage of staff in the Nordics and unemployment rate of competent and qualified staff who are outside the Nordics as well as within the Nordics. Meaning our market entry spreads through Europe. 

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