This page is for only the member companies who are also our clients. It is restricted for the members who have subscribed for this priority service. Member companies have the priority to browse through the available staff information on our data collected and they have the priority to also choose the potential staff they will want us to assist to working with them.

Membership is of one level in gold level. 

Membership is subject to a 6 months renewable subscription fee. 

Our other special service for companies (our clients) is to offer unpaid training with the potential staff in any of our partner working life companies. This therefore prepares the employee better to meet the job requirements. We offer a Finnish working place with a qualified supervisor where the potential staff will work there for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 3 months.

This procedure saves time and money into training the staff which will take a predominately amount of time from the employing company. This services does not require any financial commitments from our registered company members. 

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