Ceci-Educare oy , Finland

Ceci Educare Oy is a Nordic Entreprise located in Finland, Helsinki operating as a Limited Liability. Our sister Company operating in all the Education sector is Finland Academy of International Business

We  offer diverse services which includes 

The company started its operation as a Private Provider (Toiminimi) in 2021 with its office location in Lauttasaari, Helsinki - Finland. The company transited with its development and growth and became an LLC July 2022. 

Our current office is located in Espoo, Finland. We are in legal partnership with several companies in Europe, UK and in Africa. We are legally registered in Finland with services ranging from Education (Training) , Social, Health Care and General Legal Businesses. (Company Registration Number : 3297094-1 EU Registration VAT Number : FI32970941)

We offer an outstanding professional services to meet the needs of our clients. 

We are a Nordic Enterprise 

Finland Academy of international business

Accredited Professional Master Class Courses / Training 

Our Professional courses augment and enhance abilities in the working place. This enables learning to be proactive and conscious rather than passive. The training helps you to be more focused, become more competent and an effective professional. Professional courses are a learning and self development process. 

Our courses are taught by renowned professional experts in the Nordics as well as academic experts and licensed / registered professionals with some as lecturers in Universities. They are created to give you career building knowledge , boost your confidence and help you to mastermind your professional journey. After an educational journey with us, you will be able to demonstrate a professional working life built on better strategies to pave ways for better career prospective. 

All our courses are ONLINE. Graduation / Awards Night / Business Conference shall be hosted in Helsinki only for the Students. Graduation attendance in Finland is not a must but an OPTION. Online or Physical Internship places are suggested and planned together with the professional students during the individual development discussions with individual students. There are no paid International internships. 

Why Study With Us? 

Develop your skills : You will be able to develop the core and needed skills to boost your employability opportunities in a competing market. 

Learn from experts : Our staff are renowned experts with over 20-40 years of rich experiences in knowledge and in practice. 

Flexible studies : Whilst we understand many of you are working and wants to improve your professional knowledge and skills, we have designed our studies for flexible hours during evenings and on weekends. National holidays are observed as recognized holidays.

Our courses are designed to :